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The Stamp Duty Holiday – What You Should Know | 321 Move

24th Aug '20

If you’ve been thinking of selling your current home and purchasing a new one, you will certainly have taken notice of the recent stamp duty holiday announced by the government. Or perhaps you weren’t even planning on selling, but think this could be too good to miss – you’re definitely not alone.

Since the Government announced a temporary holiday on stamp duty on the first £500,000 of all property sales in England and Northern Ireland, there has unsurprisingly been an increase in properties going on the market. The holiday could save buyers up to £15,000 and the aim is to help buyers who have taken a financial hit during COVID, as well as boost the property market after a huge slump. Prior to the announcement, stamp duty in England and Northern Ireland was paid on land or property sold for £125,000 or more, while first-time buyers did not pay any stamp duty up to £300,000.

We’ve got tips for selling your house quickly to avoid missing out. Yes, the traditional methods of selling your home can take a significant amount of time and often houses will require maintenance and work to be ready for sale, but there are other options available to you to ensure you’re ready to buy before March 2021.

1. First impressions count. If you have animals or are a smoker ensure there are no smells lingering around. Even if neither of those apply to you it’s a nice touch to have some pleasant smells circulating, consider baking some fresh bread, brewing some coffee or placing some fresh flowers in each room.

2. No clutter is key. Some of us are partial to a bit of hoarding, but what’s not pretty is other people’s hoarding. Have a clear out, it’ll help you when you come to moving but also make your home much more appealing. Think minimalistic, or at the very least, tidy.

3. Too much personality. Your taste may not be to everyone else’s, so while it may be a pain giving bold walls a lick of paint, it may add to your selling price. It’s best to go for a blank canvas, this way it allows others to imagine their belongings in the house with things to their own taste.

4. Define each room. Whether it’s bay windows, sliding doors, spaciousness, cosiness or being light and airy, every room has its highlight or purpose, so make the most of it. Opening windows and doors on a nice summer’s day or lighting candles and the fire in the winter will help people imagine themselves living there.

5. The great outdoors. Gardens can really increase the value of your property, but what won’t is an overgrown jungle which will equate to more hassle than it’s worth for the buyer. Keep it simple, whilst sophisticated gardens will wow, they may seem like too much upkeep for some.

Each of the above steps will help you sell your property quicker without having to spend thousands of pounds and months of time getting building work and improvements done on your home. Alternatively, if you’re looking to sell your home fast without making any changes, 321 MOVE can help. We will help you sell your home in three simple steps. We understand that sometimes, you just want a quick and hassle-free way to sell your home, for cash, with traditional methods of selling houses often being too costly and extremely time consuming.

We help clients in a variety of situations to sell their home, fast. We always deal with an incredible amount of integrity as we appreciate that the circumstances you may be selling your home under can be sensitive. Take the first steps in ensuring you’re ready to buy your next home during the stamp duty holiday by requesting a free instant valuation today.

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