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Is your home at risk of being repossessed?

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If you are facing the troubling and stressful prospect of repossessing your house, or you are searching for a quick and simple solution to avoid your losing your home, 321 Move is here to help you.

There are many homeowners who face potential difficulties in paying their monthly mortgage costs, in fact, often the first sign that you are facing financial difficulties that could lead toward house repossession, is falling into arrears on your mortgage.

If you're not acting fast when faced with repossession, there is a possibility that you can risk losing your home. If you're facing immediate home repossession right now, or even if you're worried about the options available to you to help stop repossession in the future, 321Move’s team is on hand to offer advice and guidance, helping you avoid the repossession of your home and loss of assets before it's too late.


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If you have any concerns about losing your home to repossession and are looking into options that could help, contact 321 Move’s team today. It may be that you have suddenly encountered financial trouble, maybe your local estate agent isn’t selling you property quickly enough, or it could even be the case that you've already sold your house, but the process if taking too long to be financially viable.


By acting fast, 321 Move can intercede in the process of house repossession and help prevent you losing your home.


Depending on the stage of the repossession process you find yourself in; whether you have recently received an expulsion notice or letter, 321 Move can offer a stop-repossession solution that removes stress and worrying uncertainty from your lives. Research shows that you are usually financially better off avoiding a repossession by selling your home privately than enabling a voluntary repossession of your home.

The repossession process if often long and stressful. A repossession can only go ahead if a tribunal agrees and the proper repossession processes are followed. Your house can only be repossessed by your mortgage lender for mortgage arrears. You must also take into consideration that even though your mortgage lender has launched national repossession legal action, there are still steps you can take to help keep your home and resolve the situation. 321 Move can offer the support and advice you need to move on.

Make any small payment you can - if you are in arrears with your mortgage payments, try to pay back as much as you can possibly afford – even if you are unable to pay the arrears in complete.

This will demonstrate that you are doing your utmost to pay what you owe to your mortgage lender and should create some confidence that you are trying your best to get back on track. It will demonstrate them that paying back the arrears your main priority and should assist prevent repossession.

Although it sounds simple, but one of the best ways to avoid repossession it to get legal advice – do not be worried about talking to someone about your situation. They deal with cases similar to yours day in and day out and there’s no reason to be concerned about asking for help. Make sure you're talking to someone who's familiar with housing law as repossession should always be a last resort by your mortgage lender.

If you are sure there is no way you will be able to meet your mortgage payments in the foreseeable future, or if you are unable to clear any longer-term arrears than home, then selling your home quickly may be the only option to avoid repossession.  By quickly selling your house to a cash buyer such as 321 Move, you can prevent bad credit and a registry of repossession.

"It was one of the most difficult situations of our lives, but we needed to think about the kids and ways we could hold onto our home. 321 Customer Support staff at 321 Move ta;lked us through all the options and provide the best solution in the long run"

Jackie and David

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