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Avoid The Chain When Selling Your Home

Found your dream home but struggling to sell your home on the open market?

Remove the stress with 321 Move

Finding your dream home but being unable to sell your existing property quick enough is a really common problem we hear at 321 Move. Selling on the open market leaves you vulnerable to issues further down the ‘chain’ that can lead to your buyer pulling out and leaving you at risk of losing the home you have your heart set on. 

While often it simply cannot be helped, we work with lots of sellers who have ended up in a situation where their sale has fallen through without explanation or justification and we understand the stress and frustration this can cause. In the UK, the buyer can legally pull out of a purchase at any point until the contracts are exchanged – which can often leave people out of pocket and in a helpless situation.

321 Move can help you sell your home quickly and simply, helping you move on with your life and secure your dream home.

How much is my house worth?
Avoid the risky sales chain and sell quickly with 321 Move

Its important to consider that when you are selling your property or buying a new one, the person selling you their home is also probably buying another house and the buyer of your property needs to sell their home before they can purchase yours. Most properties for sale in the UK in fact, are part of a ‘chain.’

In fact, industry research has shown that up to a third of house sales a month can fall through because of broken chains. It can leave you out of pocket, and at risk of losing your dream home as they are looking to move fast and will not wait. Avoid the risk of losing out on your dream home, as well as leaving yourself at financial risk, but selling quickly with 321 Move. Being ‘chain free’ can put you in a really strong position when purchasing a new home – leaving you in a better position to negotiate on the sale price.

"Having our chain broken for the thiord time we just had to look at other options to sell our house. A friend recently sold their house with 321 Move and gave us the recommendation. It was quick, easy and we got the price we wanted".

Ian and Michelle Singleton

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