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Finding your dream home, but really struggling to sell yours is one of the most common issues we hear at 321 MOVE. On average most houses don’t come back on to market for 11 years after they have been sold – so why risk losing the home you’ve always wanted by waiting months to sell your home? 

Are you struggling to sell with your local estate agent? We all know the feeling, you’re either waiting and waiting for the call from your agent to confirm a viewing, or you are getting viewing after viewing, getting your hopes up, only to get the dreaded feedback that your home is too dark, small, big, or the wrong location for the buyer.

Most local estate agents have more than 100 houses on their books – many of which are in your local area and you are ultimately competing with. Let us help remove that barrier – your house is our only concern. Why blend in with the rest of the market when you can stand out from the rest?  

It may be that you have accepted an offer but it fell through due to the surveyor’s report undervaluing the house, or there’s work and repairs to be done that you do not have the funds for. Take the pressure of and sell quickly with 321 MOVE.

How much is my house worth?
A quick and stress-free sale with 321 Move

There’s a variety of routes available when you are looking to sell your home, but if you are looking for a quick and simple sale, a buyer like 321 Move will work well for you. Estate agents can often take months to secure a sale, coupled with lots of viewings, negotiating and added stress. An auction could leave you exposed to a rock-bottom price for your home which could cause financial issues long term.

Selling to 321 Move means you can be happy with the price you get for your home, while taking advantage of things like no solicitor and estate agents fees and no valuation. All costs will be covered by us and our dedicated team will be on hand to guide you through the process. You could have the money in your bank with the month of getting in touch with us – even as little at 14 days – and you can move on with your plans.

A quick and easy service. The customer services team were ace. Saved a load of time and hassle.

Steven Hughes

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