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Selling Your Home Due To Relocation

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Often when needing to relocate for work or personal reasons, people need to sell their house quickly. Time is usually of the essence and it can be challenging having to deal with a local estate agent or waiting for interest on your home. This coupled with the other factors that arise when relocating – finding a new job, getting to know the new area, finding a new place to live – can mean the situation feels overwhelming. 

In these types of situations, considering selling your home fast with a property buyer such as 321 Move is often the best option. Though you might get slightly more for your home on the open market, you are likely to be waiting months to find someone to purchase your home and for the sale to complete. Why not secure a quick sale, giving you the money in your bank to relocate with a clean slate and peace of mind that you have a cash injection to purchase or rent a new home.

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A quick and stress-free sale with 321 Move

At 321 Move, we find the most common reason for relocating is for work – whether that be a new role or a completely new career path. This does mean that there’s often a start date you are committed to and you may not have the money to pay for things like solicitors fees and estate agents costs up front. This is where 321 Move can help. With no fees to pay, no valuation and no estate agency fees, the money you will end up with in your bank is exactly what we offer you up front. And the best bit? The sale can be complete in as little as 14 days.

This would mean you can relocate without the stress of a sale hanging over your head, but also without double bills of running two homes, or the stress of a tenant moving into your home – which would mean you have to pay tax on the rent they pay you. Reduce your stress and contact 321 Move today to get a no obligation quote for your house and to start the process of relocating, stress-free!

"I work in the armed forces so i move around all the time. I just needed a quick sale for the right price"

Steve Johnson

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