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Selling Your Home Due To Emigration

Need to sell your home fast so you can move abroad?

Sell your house fast with 321 Move

Do you have the chance of a lifetime to move abroad but your struggling to know whether to sell your home? There’s pros and cons for both selling your home, or renting it out while you move away. At 321 MOVE we can talk through the pros and cons of your personal situation, and help you determine that best route for you. 

If you do make the decision to sell your home to facilitate your move, by selling with 321 MOVE you can have the cash in your bank in as little as 14 days. There’s no house viewings or chains to deal with, and also no fees or solicitor charges to consider so it could make your move so much smoother and stress-free.

How much is my house worth?
Do your research.

It sounds like common sense, but make sure you have really looking into the requirements and living costs in the country you are moving to.

Some countries require a guaranteed moving date before you can purchase a property there, there’s often different legal requirements and property laws around renting and purchasing property in other countries.

You also need to look into costs for extras such as an international removal company or visas to ensure you know what price you need to achieve for the sale of your UK property. Its worth getting in touch with a local solicitor for advice and guidance.

It’s worth considering the pros and cons or selling your home or renting it out when you leave the country. A quick sale can provide you with a large cash injection to head off on your new adventure. It will also mean there’s no commitments back in the UK that could create issues if repairs are required or you need to find new tenants. However it does of course mean you won’t have a house to come back to if you decide to head back to the UK.  Though if you rent out your home, you will have to pay tax on the income you get from your tenants’ rent payments. 

Once you have decided the route that’s best for you, contact us at 321 Move we can offer you a cash offer for your home and complete the purchase in a timeframe that suits you. There will be no legal fees and the process in simple and stress-free.

"FINALLY! we managed to make the move down-under and make a fresh start in Australia. We had only a couple of months to sell our house and the guys at 321 Move did it within 3 weeks"

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