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Checklist For Selling A House

Everything You Need To Know

Looking to move house but not sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place. Our handy checklist for selling a house will guide you through the selling process and give you an overview of what to expect and when.

It is well-known that the process of selling a house and moving into a new one can be both a stressful (and exciting!) life event. However, our selling house checklist will help keep you focussed on each step to ensure the sale is as smooth and simple as possible. 

Read on to discover your checklist for selling a house.

It's that simple
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How much is my house worth?
Value Your Property  

Firstly, you will need to value your property. It is useful to carry out some research into local house prices to determine how much they sell for. This will allow you to get a good idea of what to expect.

The next step is to seek a valuation from 3-4 different estate agents to settle on a guide price. This can be a difficult decision as a high price may deter potential buyers or a low price may cause you to miss out on a good profit. Your agent will be able to help you navigate this part of the process.

Top Tip: Don’t forget to account for any discount that buyers may ask for.


Review Your Finances

The next step of your selling house checklist is to review your finances. This simple step will help the process run smoothly and ensure less stress down the line. As well as finding out how much your property is worth, you will need to consider any leftover mortgage fees and your budget for a new home. You will also need to account for extra fees such as legal, removal costs and home improvements before making the sale.

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Choose An Agent

Next in the checklist for selling a house by owner is to choose an agent to assist with the sale of your home. There are several options available to you:


High Street Agent

A high street agent is usually the first type of agent you think of when selling a house. Read up on local reviews and ask around family and friends to find a friendly and efficient agent. It is useful to know their selling success rate and their experience in selling a property similar to yours.


Online Estate Agent

This modern approach is rising in popularity as it allows flexibility in the selling process such as conducting your own house viewings. Their fees may be lower than a traditional estate agent, but they may not have the same expert knowledge of the local area as your local high street agent.


Do It Yourself

This option isn’t for everyone but if you already have experience, it can be a great opportunity in selling house checklist. You may also choose to sell your home by yourself. This can save you money but it can also take a lot of time, effort and most importantly, experience.


Consider A Home Buying Company

A home buying company such as 321 Move is a quick and easy option, particularly for those looking for a hassle-free sale. There’s no solicitor fees and you can receive a cash offer within 24 hours of valuation. It allows you to move within 14 days with no stressful chain – you can choose to move at a time and day that suits you.

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Obtain An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

Before you put your home on the market, you need to have an Energy Performance Certificate. It is a legal requirement that ranks your home on how energy efficient it is. An EPC is important for potential buyers as it can suggest running costs and is valid for 10 years. Your EPC document will also suggest improvements that can be made to improve the energy efficiency of the property.

Learn more about an EPC


Prepare The House For Viewings

A 2019 survey by the Home Owners Alliance found that over 68% of homeowners say kerb appeal was important in their choice of home. If your décor or front garden has been in need of some TLC, now is the time to do it.

A tidy home with a fresh lick of paint can make the world of difference to potential buyers as well as adding value to the property. The most important factors that people look at when house viewing are the condition of the windows, driveway and front garden. First impressions really do count!


Accept An Offer

Your estate agent will help you handle any offers your property receives. If you’re not happy with the offer, for example it is too low, you can do this straight away or wait to see if a better offer comes along.

Once you accept an offer, the property will come off the market and it’s time to tick the next step off your checklist for selling a house.

Here’s what to do if you can’t sell your house.


Appoint A Conveyancer/Solicitor

To ensure that you transfer ownership of your property, you must hire a conveyancer or solicitor to look after the legal side of the sale. They will help oversee the sale and make sure the process runs smoothly.


Exchange Contracts

The next part of your checklist for selling a house is to exchange contracts. Your conveyancer or solicitor will help you negotiate a contract with your buyer. This helps to organise the sale and sort out any smaller details regarding the sale. For example, the contract will help determine whether fixtures and fittings are included in the sale or how long it will be before you move from the property.

Once a contract is signed by both parties and exchanged, the sale becomes legally binding.


Complete The Sale

Things are getting exciting! You will agree a completion date with your property buyer. This is the date in which you will have moved out, receive payment and when you transfer your ownership of the property.


Time To Move

Planning your moving day well in advance will help make the move much easier. For example, book a removal company to help move your possessions on the day. You may also need to book time off work to complete the move. Now is a good time to redirect your mail and tie up any loose ends. This includes alerting your bank to your change of address and cancelling building insurance on your old property.

It's that simple
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How much is my house worth?

Enjoy Your New Home!

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